Outreach Ministry

We reach our to the community

Our outreach program is active in several areas. We offer World Bible School lessons and we grade them. We have an active jail ministry for men in our local county jail on Saturdays one day per week. Classes are held two evenings a week and many inmates have been baptized. Our clothing giveaway for the community is an outreach that allows us to make contact with many people in need. We also support several foreign mission programs.

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort

The Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort responds to any major disaster in the continental United States. Working through the leadership of local Churches of Christ in or near a major disaster area, we send and turn over to the congregation truckloads of emergency food, personal hygiene, infant care, water, cleaning supplies, and pallets of additional basic needs, for them to distribute to the disaster victims. These supplies are to be given to anyone affected by the disaster, regardless of race, creed, origin, gender, or religious preference.

The Disaster Relief Effort can be reached at disasterreliefiffort.org or (615) 833-0888.

Allied Churches of Alamance County, NC (ACAC)

The mission of ACAC is to prevent and end homelessness and food insecurity through providing direct service and leadership in collaborative community efforts. ACAC operates an emergency shelter, resource day center, community kitchen, and food pantry.  ACAC seeks to provide basic needs as well as resources and case management support in order to meet social, educational, health, and other needs of the hungry and homeless in the surrounding community.

ACAC can be reached at alliedchurches.org or(336) 229-0991

World Bible Institute (WBI)

WBI has a single purpose of preparing God’s people to preach and teach the Gospel of Christ to the whole world one graduate at a time! WBI combines academic excellence with the actual experience of preaching, teaching, youth ministry, leadership, evangelism, and missions.  We have combined staff of over one-hundred years of experience in the “real world” evangelizing lost souls and edifying the saved.

The WBI can be reached at worldbibleinstitute.com or (770) 898-7817

Haitian Christian Foundation

The mission of the Haitian Christian Foundation is to prepare selected students to be servant evangelists to spread the gospel of Christ, and to minister to the needs of the Haitian people in the Spirit and likeness of Christ. Their main facility is the Center for Biblical Studies, located just outside of Cap Haitien, in northern Haiti.  The 3 year residency program combines Bible study, mentoring, and practical application.

The Foundation can be reached at haitianchristianfoundation.org or (325) 677-0033.