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March 31, 2021
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Haitian Christian Foundation Center for Biblical Training

A Time for Everything…In Ecclesiastes,

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

There is a Time to Rejoice – Because of your love for Haiti and the gospel, you’ve rejoiced as hundreds of souls have been brought to Christ. You’ve helped preachers to develop into servant-evangelists.

You’ve seen men you’ve trained plant church after church in unreached areas of Haiti. God has blessed His work in Haiti, and we’re so grateful for the role you’ve played through the years.

And a Time to Mourn – All the news from Haiti this month is heart-breaking. Covid has spread through out the country. Haitian preachers across the country report lots of people sick and many dying from “unknown illness” (there are only two testing sites in the whole country). Prices are rising to record highs, making it difficult for many to feed their families. Churches cannot meet, and it is difficult for members to care for each other. All indications point toward a humanitarian disaster in Haiti as disease and hunger take their toll.

But God’s people in Haiti are still trusting Him. I know you are trusting God in these difficult times. You are looking are looking for ways to help others.

Your Support is Still Making a Difference

Through CBT Graduates
Your prayers and financial support are still having an impact in Haiti. The men you have trained at the Center for Biblical Training are still serving and spreading the gospel. They are meeting with their families to worship and study. They are using the extra time at home to study with their children. They are looking for ways to help meet the needs of those who are suffering in the congregation and in their villages.

Through CBT Students
Although their training is online right now, the 8th class of the CBT is continuing to study. They completed an in-depth study of the Gospel of John with Richard. Now they are studying The Holy Spirit with Fonrose. The support you’ve provided makes their online learning possible. It also gives them a way to stay in contact with the CBT Directors and each other.

You’ve rejoiced with Haiti, and now is a time to mourn with Haiti. But your prayers and support are now more important than ever.

The preaching students are preparing themselves for the day that they can get out and preach to their country as it recovers from this hard time. Please support them with your prayers and your continued financial support.

-From the Haitian Christian Foundation newsletter

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